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Jonathan Newmark –Trios & Duos: Chamber Music 1993 – 2003
Intense, emotional and highly personal these haunting works by Washington, DC composer/pianist Jonathan Newmark explore the complexities of musical expression.

String Trio (1997)
1. Slow-Quick-Tempo 1
2. With an attitude
3. Uncomfortably slow
Duo Sonatina (1993)
For Two Bassoons

1. Sostenuto, quarter = 84
2. Dotted quarter = 120
3. Sostenuto, quarter = 58
4. Quarter = 108
Introduction and Scherzo (2001)
For Oboe, Bassoon and Piano

1. Introduction
2. Scherzo

Chaconne and Fugue (1995) in memoriam Dr. John C. Wood For French Horn and Piano

“I really enjoyed the hell out of it…I never find myself listening to it as a third party. I feel as if I’m in a mood…[The music] always evokes a mood.”
– Philip Myers, principal horn, New York Philharmonic Orchestra

“…I was really impressed. Both pieces [the Duo Sonatina and Introduction and Scherzo] have terrific ideas, colors, and moods, and [Newmark’s] writing for the instruments show that [he knows] what they can do. Fabulous!”
– John Steinmetz, Composer/Bassoonist, LA

“I just listened to the entire thing at one sitting. [Newmark’s] ability to spin a few pithy ideas into a substantial piece is wonderful. I was especially impressed by the String Trio…”
– James McVoy, Composer, West Chester University (Retired), West Chester, Pennsylvania

“You handle motivic structures gorgeously, never the same way either. The “Chaconne and Fugue” proceeds with dignified variations to the climax. I absolutely love that piece especially. Thank you for sending me a CD that I shall – and do – treasure.”
– Gloria Wilson Swisher, Composer, Shoreline College and University of Washington, Seattle (Retired)

“…a good work [which] deserves to reach a larger audience.”
– Ronald Klimko
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James Bazen