James Bazen

Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet
Composer, Arranger, Producer

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phone: 410-255-5700
fax: 410-255-5711
email: jcbazen@musicunlimited.com

James Bazen does everything that’s music. 
     He performs, composes, arranges, produces, engineers… He’s done his thing at every type of venue including the Library of Congress, the Kennedy Center, a few universities and centers for the arts along with many more casual venues.
    Music Unlimited is the perfect name for his company which is a many-headed musical beast. This site will give you a wide sampling of his body of work.

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Bazen has been active in the Baltimore/Washington music scene since 1985. In addition to his own projects (The James Bazen Big Band, The James Bazen Project, Transcendental Light Orchestra) he has played with many top-notch bands and musicians including The Go-go Symphony, The Beat Hotel, The Crimestoppers, Darrel Davis, and Cathy Ponton King.

In 1993 James Bazen Project released its CD Stranger Things which features a potent mix of bebop and contemporary jazz. It debuted to overwhelmingly positive reviews and is still getting national air play.

Then came the big band CDs: Tonight He’s Mine 1997; Merry Christmas Take One 2000; and The Wednesday Night Pizza Band 2002.

In 2006 Bazen’s Andrews Sisters Tribute band USA Canteen released
Swingin’ With The Sisters.

And in 2018, Transcendental Light Orchestra debuted Spirit Wind.

James Bazen’s music can be heard on Spotify and Pandora.
Purchase CD’s here or digital downloads on iTunes or amazon.com.

(Music Unlimited was created by Mr. Bazen long before it was also the name of an Amazon program.)